Tips on how to utilize your Architect

Your Architect Can…

  • Assist you, the client, in developing a program that represents the needs and desires pertaining to your project.
  • Advise you as to the feasibility of your project.
  • Provide you with a graphic representation of the finished product prior to actual construction.
  • Evaluate the proposed project and inform you of the most beneficial and economical approach in the utilization of space.
  • Assist you in developing a budgetary allowance for your architectural needs.
  • Provide input in the selection of materials appropriate for your particular project.
  • Assist you in obtaining bids for the construction phase of your project.
  • Supervise the construction phase of your project.

Often on re-development, and new construction projects, the Client tries to avoid using an Architect, with the misconception that an Architect is an expensive entity in their overall budget. Yet almost in every project, they end up spending more money for the project not having used their Architect to the full capacity.

Keep in mind that the Architect is the Owner’s representative in all phases of the project. He or she can guide the Owner in the right direction in how to start and complete the project in the most cost-effective manner.